The Best and Worst Presidential Cabinets in U.S. History

A bibliography

Lindsay Chervinsky, Ph.D.
7 min readNov 2, 2021

Over the last year, I’ve worked with Great Courses (now Wondrium) to create a new Audible course on the history of the president’s cabinet. It’s chock full of scandal, power, failure, leadership, and very colorful characters. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Like all history, my work is built on the scholarship of generations of historians and journalists that come before me. Here is the bibliography of all the books and scholarly articles I consulted, plus about a million op-eds and newspapers articles.

One caveat. For my early American history, I work really hard to have gender parity in my citations and cultivate a diverse stable of authors. As I put together this bibliography, I was shocked to see the imbalance in my presidential library. I will be working to rectify that problem, so I’d welcome any recommendations for books on the presidency by women and people of color.

The Best and Worst Presidential Cabinets Audible Course Bibliography

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